The surprising psychological changes during Intermittent Fasting are rarely discussed

The Internet has a gazillion articles on the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting. Some among them, I can call mine.

Yet, the significant psychological changes induced by Intermittent fasting are hardly discussed. In this article, I want to share my experience on two psychological changes. …

See the impact of Intermittent Fasting and One Meal a Day on cholesterol with data from years of personal experience.

My battle with Cholesterol and Triglycerides dates back more than a decade. A fight most of the world would have to undertake after a year-long snooze.

The triglycerides especially in my case have been high and difficult to reign in.

Both cholesterol and triglycerides are important indicators for heart health.

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A few things I noticed around me pushed me…

You have researched benefits, have you searched for downsides

I started intermittent fasting in April 2017 as an experiment. The results have been astounding! It solved many of my chronic health problems.

  • High Triglycerides, Cholesterol [590 to 151 mg/dL]
  • High Uric Acid [8.5 to 3.3 mg/dL]
  • Body fat and weight [85 to 64 kg]
  • Lethargy, poor sleep, and few…

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Sumesh P

“Curiosity killed the Cat” — I am that cat! I try to not get killed by my constant need for experimentation. Technologist, Azure Architect, Udemy Instructor.

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